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These people lived out their life long foot fetish fantasies in London at the Foot Worship Party... You Can Too!


"These London parties tick every box for me. Probably the best lineup of women I have seen at any foot fetish party. The venue is always five star with the perfect balance of public and private space. The organiser has an eye for detail. Even the woman greeting me at reception was stunning. The whole event has a VIP feel to it. Has definitely raised the bar on the international party circuit!"
Foot Fetish Tube


"Hi Michael. Was last Friday's the best party of the decade? Yes! No question. It was amazing and you deserve special thanks. You had promised the girls would be pretty and they were knockout. Without exception they also ENJOYED having their feet worshipped. Wow. This made each and every session an amazing experience. The venue was comfy and safe, the atmosphere was great, and everyone, girls and guests, was really friendly. Unquestionably it is one of the best nights of my life. Will you ever manage to top this party? When it comes to foot worship parties you are a genius so, yes, I am sure you will!."

– Hans


"Hi Michael, Many thanks for the great party on Friday night. The ladies were gorgeous and very friendly and it made for a great evening. I was first through the door and stayed right to the end and can't wait for the next one. Thanks again."

- Chris


"Hi Micheal, Just want to thank you for putting on the foot worship party last night. It was awesome, Everything you promised was delivered, I was a bit nervious and shy to start but the girls were so friendly and easy going it was easy to chat and chill with them. And man all of the girls were hot, I cannot believe I was actually worshipping the feet of some of them! Have to give special mentions to Jerri, Georgie and Natalie who were awwsome. ... Just one word... WoW! Thanks again and hope to do it again.."

- Brent

"I know I've already said this Michael, but I'm going to bore you and say it again!! Thank you so much for the party last night. I'm still buzzing at having Charlene's feet in my mouth! It has to be one of the best night's of my entire life. As sad as that is my friend, it's true!! Amongst other things you have genuinely given me one of the best nights of my life!! So... Next month. If you can deliver I shall have to take out a new mortgage ;) Thank you. Genuinely very very grateful" 
- Dan

"Hey Michael, The party was amazing! I was able to worship 9 beautiful pairs of feet in one night! All the models were really hot and very easy to talk to. It was a dream come true. thank you again"

- Mark

"Hi Michael, Just want to say that I had a great time last night, it was nice meeting you, the party was amazing and the girls absolutely beautiful. It was just cool to chill out with people who love foot worship and toes as much as i do. You put on a great night. I hope we can do it again next month at the mansion. All the best bro!"

- Justin

"Hey mate, Many thanks for the party, it was great! Louise is absolutely AWESOME!! as well as Jerri & Victoria!!!"

- Eric

"Hey Mike, just wanted to say thanks for another great foot party... I like the new venue also... Had a great time and some random wild times such as the lovely Diane asking me to worship her feet at reception at end hehe classic. Natasha is mind blowing by the way she has that Princess / superior model thing that us foot fetish guys drool for and is so natural at being a dominant!! Best domme session I've had by far..."
- D

"Hey Micheal, I am your italiano friend, it was good to see you last Saturday, and great party again! So, you wanted to know who was my favourite girl at the party... definitely the tall girl from Czech Republic, can't remember her name, dark straight hair, she had red shoes on and a bum to die for. Apart from the fact that she was gorgeous, what impressed me was the way she participated during the session, the way she was playing with her feet, gently, right the way I like it. Whilst I hope that these she will show up at another party in future, I look forward to elect my favourite again at the next party! Keep up the good work bro."
- Claudio

“Hey bro!!!, I cant express to you how happy you have made me in the last 2 months... you are 1 of a kind man thank you soooo so much. I have to say that the party was the best night of my life... that I can remember anyway! and you now have a member for life. I enjoyed every minute I was there man, I thought it might be strange having people walking around seeing you do your thing but it wasn’t at all, there were areas you could find for privacy and go to feel comfortable...”
- Ash

"Hi Michael, I just wanted to say a huge thanks for organising last night. It took me a while to pluck up the courage to attend one of your events and I'm so glad I finally did. The atmosphere was friendly and the girls were stunning. After following your advice for newbies and diving straight in with a session, I soon felt very relaxed. I enjoyed some really pleasurable and sensual sessions which totally lived up to my expectations. Thanks for providing a safe and respectful evening of indulgence, and a special thanks to all the girls who were certainly worth foot worshipping! Awesome!"
- Simon

"It was my first Foot Fetish Party and even if I've been in the Foot Fetish ''world'' for few years...I never got the chance to go to any party. The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. All the people there were truly passionate.
The models were friendly, polite and really capable of understanding the passion and desire of each and every single one of us. I was even able to get to know other men genuinely into this kind of Fetish and it was nice to exchange opinions and chat with them too. And the models.....I've never seen and met so many beautiful and kind ladies at the same time....all in one room....ready for some action :) Michael is the MAN, trust me on this one. These parties rock ! Come to one party and you will never regret it ! I can't wait for the next one. Michael, sign me in :) !!!!!!"
- Mike

"I attended the foot worship party one day in September and all I can say is that this was the best experience ever. I saw a number of models who were very comforting and very laid back. When I was there, I had a session with one model, who had long blonde hair, red dress and high heels. She had the most amazing feet ever which I can't forget till this day. And there was one who was a mixed race Caribbean with a black dress and a northern UK accent who also had nice feet. These two model's feet were so soft and smooth, had them smothering their feet across my face. The next time I can make it to these great parties, I wish I will see them again. Maybe I might have a multi-session with those girls next time. Great parties Mike. Keep up the good work!"
- Jason

"I would like to post another testimonial and to thank Michael,personally and publicly for an AWESOME time at the foot worshipparty on Sunday. The BEST party yet!!! If you fantasise about prettygirl's bare feet, please wait no longer. Get to one of these parties!! Ifyou are still sceptical and shy about going, all I can say is that thereare so many cool people that attend this huge event and all the girls arehot and SO nice!! It's a foot fetishist's dream come true. Trust me, Iknow, I perform in many foot worship videos and still pic shoots formany foot fetish sites and I absolutely LOVE participating and comingto this event!! Michael is a great guy and really knows what he is doingand caters to all foot fetish needs!! Thanks!!"
- Sol

"Hi Michael, I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU, for the Fwp party on Saturday 21st. The party was absolutely brilliant, and so were the girls. They were truly awesome. I have never seen so many pretty girls with such lovely, gorgeous feet and toes. I am so looking forward to attending your next Fwp party. In the meantime, take care and all the best to you and the girls. Regards and best wishes."

"Michael- All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! This was my 1st time attending one of your parties and when I walked in and saw all of those beautiful women and feet, it was just overwhelming. I felt like a kid in a candy store! It was everything I had hoped for and then some. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say this to you in person but I've already registered for the July party and I can hardly wait."

- Ali


"Feet Feet Feet Everywhere!!!! I thought I died and went to heaven! When I first read your website, I thought it was too good to be true. But after attending your Foot Worship Party, I knew that you are the real deal."

– AJ


"Absolutely OFF DA HOOK! The atmosphere is very laid back and accommodating. No need to be ashamed, just jump right in and get yo' foot fetish on! All kinds of girls and feet to choose from, for a ridiculously low entry fee and tip for the girls, you can indulge in every aspect of the fetish!!!"

- Omar


“Your parties have allowed me to indulge in every single one of my foot fetish fantasies that I've been holing in since I was 8 years old! In one night I sucked on more beautiful toes than I have in my entire life. I licked the tasty bare feet of 4 girls. I had 2 girls walking all over my chest, stomach, and face. I got to smell girls feet fresh out of boots when she put her feet right up in front of my face, and I got my first stocking fantasy lived out from this blonde wearing my favourite kind of nylon stockings. Intense! Your foot worship parties are pure bliss for foot lovers!"

- Daniel C


"This party is a great dream that come true. I've been a foot lover since the tender age of 5 but never had it catered to until I attended the previous party. The ladies are beautiful and courteous. I was in foot paradise. Everyone was there in peace and harmony. We were all there to indulge ourselves in a common passion of foot fetish and it was wonderful. I only wish that you would have this party twice per month. I will forever attend these foot worship parties. Thank you so much."

- Vishal Amanjit


"Just want to congratulate you for the wonderful foot worship event you guys put together. Saturday night I sniffed so many female feet that I almost lost consciousness! I worshipped more feet in one night than in my entire life this party is definitely the place to be if your into women's feet like I am."

– Archfan


"I relaxed, enjoyed the scenery, sucked some toes, licked some footsies, sniffed some feet and got hooked up with a photo shoot with the ladies. Life don't get much better than this. Go to the foot fetish party."

- Steve O’Connor


"..Have to agree with the other guys I spoke with at the party. The last party was the best one yet! Your choice of women is exceptional! The girls from the foot worship lounge like Sasha, Katya and Sophia were great to see and worship in real life, not on a screen like you said. Of course Natasha was one of the best looking women I've seen ever, not just at a foot party. Incredible night! The rooms were awesome, the view was awesome, and I don't think I have ever been so turned on as at this party. I think the comfort of a luxurious space makes it much more easy to really get into a foot worship session and man was I excited Lol! It was really a dream come true for me that night, I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with what you put together. Keep it up Michael and can’t wait till the next one!"

– Ross


“Wow! I'm a 19/M. I flew in from Denmark for the May foot worship party. I just got home and wanted to come tell everyone how great it was. I am going to try my best go get back to London for the June foot worship party. How exciting. Thank you to everyone for making this happen."

- Marcus


"That was one of the most outstanding parties you have thrown thus far. The quality of women you had there last night was simply outstanding! Please Michael, just keep doing what your doing."

- Footbrother Aaron


"Hey M, GREAT party tonight!!!!! I cant sleep right now all I keep thinking about is those feet I worshipped. Dude can’t wait till my next one, I can only imagine, right in my mouth!!!! London rules and I will continue to attend your parties forever. Your footfriend"

- Andrew


"I was at your June foot worship party and can't say enough about what an experience I had that night in June. I was at first so nervous and shy but then started slowly with a beautiful young Latina women with very sexy feet. The next to the bar I saw sitting a fair haired reddish haired women sitting with a women with a British accent. Oh my god, I asked to worship them both and had feet everywhere. The British woman won my fetish heart and I worshipped her feet twice more that night. Whew. I can't get to the July party but will be there in August and can't wait. Thank you so much for giving guys like me the chance and place to act out our foot dreams. I will introduce myself to you at the next party I attend. I was a bit shy about my foot fetish last time.”

- David


"Hey Michael, Just another guy wishing to thank you & the crew for a job very well done. I was immediately taken aback when I entered the party. In a very good way. The women, men & especially the vibe was very positive. You have been able to create a Felliniesque type of situation that I thought was a thing of the past. The women are beautiful & the party more than quenches the thirst. See you at the next one."

- Kevin R


"Yo M its Rob, yo that was the best party ever,,, you had so many girls it was unbelievable... I think it was actually the same amount of guys and girl.... And yo, that girl Pamela you introduced me to for the foot smelling thing was great... she was great ... her feet smelled really bad :). Also the other girl... the one with the big butt. her feet were really smelly too, had a great session with her... just wanted to tell u thanks for throwing this party.... Keep me updated and I’ll see you at the next one. I love you Foot Worship Party London!"

- Rob


"Michael, All I can say is.. you are the fuckin' man!!! I came to the party, and I hooked up w/a girl named "Natalya". She has black hair, and absolutely delicious feet! She had an ankle bracelet on that turned me on to no end. I sucked on her toes for at least a half an hour, and she was sooo into it! She loved it. And I am still having a boner thinking about it. I only wish I could go to the weekend party, but I'm married, so I can't. I had a ball... many, many good memories to last me a lifetime! You are the man! See ya!"

- The Tickler (Tom)


"Michael this is Hamza from Florida thanking you for a fantastic party last night. I really can’t compare this to anything that I have ever experienced in my life. The girls were incredible, the private booths in the nightclub were awesome and of course my sessions rocked!! It was always a big fantasy of mine to worship the feet of 2 girls at once, and I am forever grateful to your party for making that dream come true. You are making a lot of dreams come true for us guys that love feet. Please! Come to Florida"

- Hamza


"Great job on yesterdays party! It was great to finally meet the guy behind this all. How do you get all those girls man? Wow I was blown away with that girl in the hat you told me was a fashion model and by Caprii. Wow! For my trampling I asked Monika, and I have to tell you that this girl does it better than anyone I have ever met. I've been doing this for 14 years, and the girls at your party are experts in the art of foot fetish. I'm addicted. You need to have these every week my friend. I can hardly wait for the next one."

- Ricky


"Hey M, I just woke up dreaming of the feet party. LOL! I've been to everyone so far, and they keep getting better and better I did 12 sessions last night so that's a record for me! My goal for next party is 14 like my brother. Nice job once again. Foot Worship Party London you ROCK!"

- Richard


"Wow Michael, I wanted to let you know that this was my first time at one of your foot worship parties and it's 4:00 in the morning and I still haven't been able to sleep. really Michael, all I have been thinking all nite are the sessions I had with Amanda, Victoria, Heather and Gabrielle. Wow! I have been fully smothered by feet and have been smelling my hands and chest and they have a great scent of girls feet to them. This is great! Thanks for doing this for us and I hopefully next time I'll get to worship Chelsea’s feet. She is HOT!"

- Alex


"Michael, you were right when you said the girls have perfect feet. This foot fetish party was THE best party I have ever attended. I did so much foot worshipping I did Saturday night it was amazing. I had the most sensual foot worship session with Goddess Anna. I had the most hard trample ever with Alexis the girl from France was the sexiest blonde girl you can imagine had me worshipping her feet in fishnets. Rachel had me licking those perfect PERFECT feet and arches. She is the hottest girl you guys. I am get turned on every time I think about it. I thought I should go home, but I literally had my eyes glued to the amazing girls you had at this party. I spent 5 hours at the party and loved every moment of it!!!! If ANYBODY has a foot fetish this party is a dream come true!!!!! You just CANT ask for anymore than what Michael put together on Saturday night. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"

- Carlos


"Aloha Michael, Damn it! That was one nice party. If all your parties are like this, then I think I've found a new home. A universe of splendid toes and soles and nice people all around! Good job! Great foot fetish party! Must do it again! MUST! Aloha"

- Phillip


"Incredible party last sat. Sorry I didn't get to say bye, you seemed a little "busy" LOL!!. thanks again for everything, and I wish I could have stayed longer but damn, I did 13 sessions and ran out of money. It was too hard to sit there and watch all the beauties and not participate. lovely toes all around man. These were the hottest feet I've ever seen in one night. Hope you can do it again REAL soon."

- Georges


"Hey Michael. The party for me in the beginning was a bit slow. I did realize that you had alot of new guys and new girls. Before I knew what happened the place exploded with sessions I mean off the hook. Every possible place was in use. You know I had an awesome time like always. Again thank you for the trample time it was really good and Sophia made sure she separated the men from the boys. I had some intense sessions and I still feel delightfully sore from the intense trampling they gave me. For all those guys who have yet to experience one of your parties it's a shame. For all of those who think that what you post on the website is too good to be true they are definitely missing out on having their fantasies fulfilled. I am so pleased to come across this phenomenon that you have created. Again I will support your efforts whenever possible. Thanks, your ‘Footbro’ "
- Trample-me Nicolas


"Michael, once again OFF THE HOOK!!! Dude you did it again, you are the MAN! Thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting porn star Valery Summer. She was not only beautiful but she had some of the most perfect, succulent feet I've ever had. Thanks again man."

- Jimmy


"I would like to post another testimonial and to thank Michael, personally and publicly for an AWESOME time at the foot worship party on Saturday. The BEST party yet!!! If you fantasize about pretty girl's bare feet, please wait no longer. Get to one of these parties!! If you are still sceptical and shy about going, all I can say is that there are so many cool people that attend this huge event and all the girls are hot and SO nice!! It's a foot fetishist's dream come true. Trust me, I know, I perform in many foot worship videos and still pic shoots for many foot fetish sites and I absolutely LOVE participating and coming to this event!! Michael is a great guy and really knows what he is doing and caters to all foot fetish needs!!

Some of the best girls are: Anna, who has arches so high and deep that you can lose your tongue in them, lol!! Plus she is REALLY hot and nice and has great soles and gorgeous legs and a great tan!! Valerie who is so classy and beautiful is another one with great soles. Thanks!!"

- Sol


"Hi Michael, I had a great time at party # 4. I finally got to meet you. We spoke very briefly. I know you were very busy. I have attended some other foot fetish parties in the past. Boy was I disappointed. The party that you promote is excellent take from a diehard foot fetishist. The models are very attractive and have beautiful feet. They also make us guys feel comfortable. I hope to be able to talk to you more at the next party. I would like to talk to you about trample pictures with multiple girls. If I can help you with anything let me know. Thanks again"

- Raphael


"Hey... Michael... i just wanted to thank you on a great and wonderful job you did. I have never had so much fun in my life. The females were just terrific!!! Their personalities were great and that just made it all perfect with their perfect pedicured feet. I must admit i licked alot of feet there that night. Michelle and Kayla were just great i had fun with them; they both complimented me on my performance it was great. some of the others I didn't get their names but I'll know next time.... but just to thank you again for a wonderful party and Keep up the good work!!! I have been looking for parties like this all my life . YOU MADE MY WEEKEND!!!!"

- Archie


"Hi All! Ok, I couldn't resist writing in about the party on the 23rd of FEB. I'm noticing that not too many women write in here but I'm not like most women anyway. LOL. Michael invited me and my hubby Jake who is my photographer to the party once we started chatting about our websites over the phone. I didn't really know what to expect besides taking the shoots with the other models but to my surprise I realized a few things about myself. I had a hard time pulling myself away from the foot-worshipping sessions to take pictures. LOL I was enjoying myself to the fullest. The men who worshipped my feet were so respectful, polite and genuinely full of passion and lust over my feet and toes. The turn on for me was that I got to fulfil these sweet guys fantasies of their foot-fetish. Most of the men were married and either their wives aren't into it or they just need more feet too fulfil their desire. Some of the men were single but haven't found the right woman who they can share their fetish with just yet. Anyway, the atmosphere was so relaxing, erotic and sensual. I never felt uncomfortable not even for a brief moment. I must throw in that we met a lot of very cool and women. Thanks again, xoxoxoxoxoxo"

- Leigh


"This is great fun. I wasted time before I got into the game. When the clock hit the struck of 10, I was crawling between the feet of two beautiful ladies. I felt like Cinderella when the magic ran out. I won’t waste time next time. This is great."

- Freddy


"Yes I attended the foot worship party on Feb 23rd and I am more than satisfied with the results of that evening. I have always dreamed of walking into a public place and kissing the feet of any beautiful women that Ii wish. I had that dream come true on Saturday night. It was awesome to kiss the toes, soles, ankles, arches, etc. of so many beautiful women. My only regret was that I didn't bring more money. And the trampling session was pretty awesome, although that is not my thing, I actually enjoyed that too. Anyways if there are any sceptics out there who are wondering. Don’t waste your time wondering. This party is every foot mans dream and Michael is the king of bringing so many beautiful women together. Thanx's again Michael for making my dream come true."

- Dennis


"Hey Michael, sorry I didn't take the time to say goodbye, you seemed a little busy when I left, and I had a long drive back up north. I want to take this time to thank you for a wonderful time! the photo shoot, the foot worship, the trampling, wow!!! How much can one guy take :-) I absolutely loved it all! The models were absolute dolls!!! You are definitely the man! Keep up the good work, I look forward to the next time i can make a party and keep me in mind for future video works, thanks again."

- Thomas


"I attended the January foot fetish party.......and what a night! All the girls I met were fantastic. On top of my foot fetish I have a huge tickling fetish. This party allowed me to satisfy both of my desires. After foot worship, tickling was the next most popular event at the party. Of all the girls my two favourites were Mistress Natalie and Josie. Mistress Natalie is a beautiful blonde with an awesome pair of feet. I'm not ashamed to say she took control and had me worshipping her toes and soles. I spent most of my time with Josie and it was well worth it. And for my tickle fetish, there was Anna. Anna is a tall lady with short blonde hair and the most ticklish feet and toes. I had been told that Anna was ticklish so I walked in wanting to meet her. I didn't get my shot until the end of the night and it was well worth the wait. Running my teeth against her toes drove her was so cool! Bottom line is that I had a blast and I will be back. The staff was great they made me feel right at home. Michael who coordinated the party did a great job and was constantly making sure all the attendees were having fun. Lastly the girls were just outrageous! What a great group. All were friendly and very accommodating of my tickling fetish! It truly was a blast! Can't wait for the next party!"

– Man Utd fan


"Well, I am one of those newbies who were at the party on the 14th, and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I assure you that I will make every attempt to attend every party from now on. The women were unbelievable. The action was unbelievable. I found the club inviting and friendly and did not feel out of place in the least. Thank you for making a lifelong dream come true. Foot fetish parties for life!!"

– Shane Miller


"The party was all you hyped it to be and more! I loved it. Don't know if you remember who I am, but I made it a point to meet you. You is da man. I will definitely attend future events."

- Craig from Detroit


"Hello there Michael! Just wanted to tell you that your foot fetish party last night was great! Not only it was a few months since I was there when you started having them, it was also one of the better ones for me. I have to commend Amy (a very attractive blonde with lovely thong sandals) and Suki (a very young, shy but brave Oriental girl) to try out our foot love for size. I also found Katie and Goddess Nicole a treat for myself. You keep up the good work man and keep up the good work."

– Keith


"Hey... Michael... once again you out did yourself... that was one of greatest parties I have ever seen...the volume of women from all sizes were there... of course I had to satisfy my regular girls also (actually your regular girls) ha-ha ... but I got to sample a lot of new feet ... it was great, awesome and explosive. Now that was a real foot worship party. You get better and better each time....Victoria made my day... I had to make up for the last time and made it worth it ... I didn't get to see her at the private party. And I got to sample Jasmine (the new one) ... the girl you was talking about...she's hot!!! Once again... great party and keep up the good work as usual you out do yourself every time...."

- Jacob


"Hey....Michael... Kudos on a great party ... I had a great time .... nice environment, and nice group of people. As we smoked the peace pipe and drank and laughed all night, last night was like "Heaven" , actually that was waaaaay better than Stiletto. But you always out do yourself... and now you are bringing us foot brothers more closer together. Plus I had a great time sharing ... that was awesome ... I know she was loving it ... two guys on each foot ...two different sucking sensations ... that's was great ... I definitely had a great time ... and Jasmine was great also ... definitely keep her around she loves this stuff!!! and of course Anna was terrific as always. From the vibe I got the Lounge is going to rock... it’ll basically cover everything you need in a foot worshipping community ....its awesome... the parties are for the gathering of the community (since I met a lot of foot brothers you can get a lot of stuff off your mind relating to the subject like psychotherapy ... great vibe ...great energy!!!.... The quickies are private and personal ... and the hour is when you need to just relax with no rush... that covers the triangle of foot worship ... you‘re a genius and as always the girls are GREAT!!!"

- Foot brother Rob


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foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
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