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EXACTLY How, Where & What to do to worship womens feet right NOW

Hi Foot Friends,

This blog post is for those who are new to FWP or have never attended and need a little bit more information than they currently have. I hope this answers many of your questions!

Firstly I just wanted to write to you and introduce myself... (and thank you for dropping by to my site).

I know you are obsessed about feet which is the reason you are here and you have a raging desire to indulge in women's feet and toes for yourself. I'm Michael. I've spent the last several years worshipping more female feet than I could have ever imagined and now I am helping other frustrated guys do the same with their foot fetish. I don't want you to have any shyness or anxiety about your foot fetish anymore.

The first thing you should do is sign up on the top right corner for exclusive VIP Foot Party Invites & Info that will NOT be found on the site. This way we can also keep in touch and you will get a direct line to me and when it is once again time for a long night of indulgence in sexy female feet you will know about it. I'm going to send you a newsletter every couple of days, and share Info & Dates of many real foot fetish parties that I regularly hold in London, UK and tell you exactly how you can be at the feet of some of the most Beautiful girls you will ever meet with the sexiest feet.

I'd like you to go look at some of the preview Video clips and past Party pics... they're free and you'll learn a ton about what we do just by checking them out.

If you attend the parties, you WILL IMMEDIATELY be able to be under the sexy feet of more women than you can count. So keep your eye out for my newsletters, and feel free to email me if you have any questions about the Parties.

TO GAIN ENTRY TO THE NEXT FOOT PARTY and to check the next party date go the GUESTLIST page to let us know you are coming! We get booked up very very quickly so register NOW to avoid dissapointment! It's a very VIP Party which is only open to foot friends. No one from the outside will ever come inside.

So now that you are getting excited about this paradise....


Discover what exactly you will get when you walk through the doors of FWP London.


A place filled with beautiful girls with sexy feet that fully understand and love foot fetish:

You will only find the highest quality models with exquisite arches, succulent toes, and smooth and sexy soles. These girls take a lot of care of their feet and they are always well-pedicured for you. These girls absolutely love what their doing, and will make you feel very comfortable with having a foot fetish.

The most discreet, private and luxurious environments: Here you won't ever need to worry about being embarrassed, as not only is this place 100% devoted to female feet, but you will have complete privacy with girls that fully understand your fetish. Plus we go out of our way to make it the most luxurious experience for you. To many this is the only place in the world they feel completely comfortable having a foot fetish.

Girls with SMELLY feet: We will have a select few group of girls that will have their feet get all hot and sweaty for you, and they'll be taping your mouths up with tape so you can only breathe through your nose, and making you smell their smelly feet, socks, and stockings.

Girls with TICKLISH feet: Some of the girls have been featured in foot tickling videos, and tickling websites, and have extremely ticklish feet. *This is a FWP exclusive session that you won't find anywhere else! You can mercilessly tickle torture the feet of the girls who will laugh so hard they can barely breathe. Upperbody tickling is encouraged too.

A place to get TRAMPLED: Get walked on by one girl at a time, or many girls at a time. They'll be more than happy to walk on you barefoot, with stockings or shoes. Enjoy those feet as they stand on your stomach, chest, face, and all over your body and crush you as you desire. SENSUAL Foot Worship: Lets face it. Some of us love female feet, but don't want to be forced into it by a dominatrix. At FWP, you now finally have the option of meeting girls who will indulge you with Soft, Sensual and Erotic foot worship. DOMINANT Female Feet: Just because some guys don't want to be forced doesn't mean that others don't love it. Worship these Foot Goddesses the way they were meant to be worshipped! You will get kicked, stomped, trampled, and dominated under the feet of true Foot Goddesses. SHOE and STOCKING/NYLON Worship: Do you like elegant women, secretaries, and business women? Does the sound of stockings rubbing together drive you wild? Do you like high sexy stilettos... and hot shoes dangling under the desk with stocking feet? Then you will be in heaven here! Come touch, smell, and worship sexy stockings and shoes. Plus much, much more! Whatever your kink you will find it here!

If you decide you would like to come and worship some female feet at a party then you should check up on the 'Guestlist' page to find out the next date and let us know you are coming. I'm really glad you found us. I hope you have an amazing time, and please introduce yourself, we love making new footfriends!

Your footfriend,

Michael - President

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