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Q: Who are the models that work for Foot Worship Party London?

A: The models are chosen in terms of feet, sessions skills and overall looks. There is the most amazing roster of models comprised of fashion models, actresses, young college girls, dominant women.. exotic dancers... the cute girl next door and regular girls off the street! 20-30 foot fetish models are selected to attend each foot fetish party. We have many more models who want to work for us, so we like to keep things fresh and rotate the girls every party. So every foot worship party we will have 10 brand new models no matter what to keep things exciting! These models can not be found anywhere else for foot worship. They are FWP exclusives.


Q: What sessions do the girls offer?

A: The girls understand foot fetish and and are very open minded and are practiced in every aspect of foot worship: trampling, smelling, licking, tickling, submission etc.. Importantly - These girls that we have at the parties all understand foot fetish. They really and genuinely love having their feet licked and toes sucked. Some even get turned on by it. It is totally Hot. So the point is that no model will ever make you feel ackward or uncomfortable. I have a very strict rule about that. If there is a particular session that you are looking for personally come find me at the party and I will introduce you to suitable foot fetish models and make recomendations


Q: What about their feet?

A: Only girls with hot and sexy feet will be attending the party. While obviously no two models have the exact same feet, you can expect lots of High arches, Soft wrinkled soles, Slender shapes and Polished toes.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Entrance to the foot fetish party is £80. Each foot worship session is £20 per 10 minutes.


Q: Are you affiliated with any other foot fetish party or do parties in any other city?

A: No we are independent and offer foot fetish parties in London only.


Q: I wish to fly in to London for a foot worship party from abroad for the next event. I don’t want to miss the foot worship party if I fly all the way, so is there any way to guarantee that I will be on the guest list?

A: To all my worldwide Foot Friends; If you are flying in from somewhere for the event, I guarantee you that you will get in. Send me a personal message to let me know ahead of time. And then go ahead and book your tickets and see you in London!!! 


Q: I have to be discreet so I don't want to use my e-mail address. Is there any other way I can get on the list to attend a foot fetish party?

A: Very simple solution. Sign up for a new e-mail account that you only use for foot worship parties and that nobody else has access to. An E-mail address is required for you to get the party info, address and to receive guest list confirmations.


Q: Is there any way to get 100% privacy during the foot fetish party?

A: Yes, we do offer private rooms that you can hire out. Just look for the hostess at the party and she will assist you in obtaining the private rooms.


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: No. But it is an upscale venue and the models make a huge effort to look hot so please dress appropriately.


Q: Will my photograph be taken?

A: Absolutely not. We ensure as much comfort and privacy for the guests as possible.


Q: Is it safe at the foot worship parties?

A: Definitely. We will have security at every foot fetish event, and we attract a very warm and friendly crowd who are there to have fun and worship feet all night.


Q: Can I session with more than one girl at a time?

A: Yes! In fact the party is the perfect chance to live out your multiple girl foot fantasies as there will be 30 girls there! So if you've always dreamed about being under the feet of 5 girls at once, now is your chance!


Q: Where are the parties located?

A: These are private foot worship parties not open to the public, so we only give the address out to those that are on our guest list to attend. So only once you are definite that you want to attend, put your info on the guest list, and we will e-mail you the address. But if you just want to know general area, it is in Central London and near public transport.


Q: Do the girls clean their feet between sessions?

A: Yes! We have a witch hazel cleanser that kills 100% of germs that they use after every session but it is unscented so their feet don’t lose their yummy smell.


Q: Do these foot worship parties really exist?

A: Lol! I cant believe how many times I get asked this. Yes it's real! And trust me, these foot fetish parties are way better than we advertise them.



If your question wasn't answered please email me:

foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
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