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Welcome to Foot Worship Party London where you can worship soft female soles, pink toes and sweet buttery foot bottoms from the hottest girls in the hottest foot fetish party in the world! This is the place where all your toe sucking and foot licking fantasies come true in the heart of the City of London. 


The parties are setup so that you will have at least 30 models per foot worship party to chose from to live out your foot fetish party fantasies. From the moment you walk into our private, sensual and ambient venue, you will be greeted by a warm and friendly door girl who will check you in.


You will also feel the incredibly pleasant vibe and see how private it is. It feels private because every guy there has a very strong foot fetish just like you, and every girl there appreciates and understands that.


You will immediately notice people sucking, licking, massaging, smelling and tickling the foot model's feet. It looks amazing. Just take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. Soon you will be getting the urge to jump in yourself, especially after you find yourself standing next to a great smelling, incredibly beautiful young foot worship girl and you glance down and notice her amazingly beautiful and sexy feet.


When you see a girl that you like, you can simply say "Hi" and make small talk first. Or you can go up and straight ask "Would you like to do a session?" 


Here the girls absolutely love the attention, and especially to their feet. They will love for you to worship them. So they will say "yes, absolutely!", and off you go to a place where you can be comfortable and sit undisturbed. (If you are shy the girl's will come over to you and take the lead).


Each mini foot fetish session is £20 and it will last at least 10 minutes.


The foot fetish models that are hired are selected very carefully and are trained to ensure the most awesome foot fetish party experience for you. These girls truly understand your fetish and will love to participate in foot worship, and you will sense that and feel very comfortable.


Furthermore some may want some complete privacy and we offer a completely private area as well. Just ask the door girl about it and she can assist you with it.


Whatever your foot fantasies are you can live them out for real at Foot Worship Party London: Smelling, trampling, tickling, toe sucking, foot licking, foot domination and MORE.


So please read through the rest of the site, then go to the Guestlist page of the website and there you will get to sign up for the foot worship party and get the address and so forth. There is no charge to sign up on the guest list. It's just confirming that you will definiteley be there since we must limit the amount to 30 guys per night. This is a truly VIP experience! It's a private party and by guest list only, so if you want to attend make sure you get on the list soon before it fills up like it always does.


I'm really glad you found us. I hope you have an amazing time, and please introduce yourself to us, we love making new foot friends!



Your Foot Friend,

Michael - President Foot Worship Party London

foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
foot worship party london, foot fetish
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